Despite of his recent suspension, Brandon Rush will definitely get a lot of playing time this season. And I have heard a lot of good things from him in this year's NBA off-season.

According to newly-acquired point guard, Darren Collison, he says that Rush has been doing very well and likes passing to him. He also said a lot of other things. And I heard something that really made me happy and makes look even more forward to this year for the Indiana Pacers.

It was Rush's consistency. Rush sometimes has some really good nights where he is truly unstoppable, and other nights where he is way off and can't make a shot for his life. And he always had some sort of a trend like that. A big streak of good nights, or a big streak of bad nights. It just kept going on and on and made people wonder of B-Rush's consistency.

His consistency was so bad, his Player Efficiency Rating was the worst in the league. But now Rush is hitting shots, according to Collison at least. But I trust Collison, who is the missing piece to the puzzle for the Pacers' success. Rush can really get people on his three-point range ability.

A rumor popped up a couple weeks before the NBA Draft where Tony Parker could possibly go to the Pacers in exchange for Rush and Troy Murphy. It never happened. But I read a lot of things of why: Brandon Rush. If Rush did go to the San Antonio Spurs, he could become a lot of more consistent since the Spurs have a much more experienced staff. The Pacers know there is a lot of talent hidden in this kid, and if he went to the Spurs, he'd be their second coming of Robert Horry. And I'm not joking there, seriously.

If Rush can stay consistent, he can be what the Pacers need coming off the bench. Dahntay Jones will be starting at shooting guard while Rush fills in off the bench. And he if brings that consistency up, he can be the burst of energy coming off the bench and help the team get some quick points.

Rush has good size to take advantage, at 6'6". Rush can also use athleticism if he puts his mind to it. He usually relies on his teammates to give him an open shot. Rush can learn to create space for himself to create a shot, like his fellow teammate Danny Granger. Adding to that, Rush can work a little bit more on his ballhandling and defensive presence as well.

I see a breakout year for Rush, averaging near 10-13 points per game. I think Indy can find what they were looking for all along in No. 25.