The Washington Wizards hold the number one pick of the 2010 NBA Draft after winning the lottery.

This now holds questions.

Should the Wizards take John Wall? Should they take someone else? Should they take someone they need on their team?

All of these are questions for this Washington team, and with many more to come as the draft is over a month away.

I have my own opinion here.

Washington, stop going for the needs and stick with the talent right now. Pick the best player. And we all know how that is.

John Wall.

So what if Gilbert Arenas is a point guard? In my opinion, I always thought of the guy as more of a shooting guard type. Arenas and Wall paired up? Oh my god, do you realize how great of a combo that is!

There's also been a rumor that Chris Bosh might come to Washington. But I'm not for sure yet on that one.

But anyways, the Wizards already have a good crew and adding John Wall makes it nothing but only better. Wall is looking for a bright future and the Wizards will have one of the strongest guard-combos in the league in the next few years.

Washington, draft John Wall.

Get the talent.