The NBA general managers are now kind of willing to give Shaquille O'Neal the salary he wants.

Shaq could sign with a team for the salary he wants or go into a sign-and-trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If none of this happens, O'Neal will settle and play for the veteran's minimum, according to's NBA Insider rumors.

The Boston Celtics could be options as Shaq could be a great fill-in for Kendrick Perkins while he is gone. The team will have a great rotation with big men in Shaq, Jermaine O'Neal, Perkins, Kevin Garnett, and Glen "Big Baby" Davis.

But the Denver Nuggets could also be an option.

Here is what David Aldridge writes at

"Assuming he gets realistic about the money, there still are a handful of teams that would make sense for the Big Fella," wrote Aldrige. "Denver has no size to speak of, and while the Nuggets' fast-break style certainly is antithetical to what O'Neal is good at at this point in his career, big is big. For the Nuggets to have any chance at competing in the West, they'll need someone who can put a body on Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan, Yao Ming and others."

However, if the Nuggets do not want to bring in O'Neal, Denver could make a play for Indiana Pacers' center Jeff Foster. Foster was targeted by the team last year and could be in for a trade this season.

I guess we'll see what happens soon.