More rumors keep coming up of Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade leaving the team for the 2010 NBA Free Agency.

Now the Heat franchise are trying to prevent that, launching to keep number three in the hearts of Miami, Florida.

There was a kit and all of the stuff for Heat fans to convince Wade to stay with the Heat.

The website said, "We want to show Wade the love."

The site received much exposure from Heat fans as many began to comment on the site and convince Wade to stay. It's becoming a good hit and I like it as what the franchise is doing.

"I thought it was hilarious," Wade said. "But I appreciate it. I do, I really do."

But why do the Heat need to do this? Didn't Wade already announce a bunch of times that he won't be leaving and things like that? Why would he want to leave. His supporting cast is improving greatly by each season.

We'll see what Wade decides on July 1st. It is expected that Wade could receive a max deal worth $127M for six years.

I can believe that. I don't see Pat Riley giving up D-Wade.

The website also said they are the "place to show your support for our MV3 and to help keep Dwyane Wade in Wade County! ... And we'll be adding things right up to the start of the free agency period, so check back often for the latest D.Wade info, events, downloads and more."

Wade really didn't expect this, it was reported. Obviously.

"You get a lot of people respectful of you and you understand that they want you to be in the city -- whatever city that is," Wade said. "They express that opinion no matter where you go. I'll never be surprised of anyone who says it."

In my opinion, Wade will stay.

Don't worry Heat fans, you're okay. But keep supporting.

I like it.