Two family members are mad with the Chicago Bulls with their decision on firing head coach Vinny Del Negro.

Two men are associated with the NBA and are big names in the league. One is a coach and the other is a former one, now an analyst. Take a guess.

It's Jeff and Stan Van Gundy. Both ripped on the Bulls' franchise for the firing of the head coach. Stan said he couldn't believe what Chicago did. He was shocked.

"I was shocked by the coaching change," Van Gundy told "I thought Vinny did a great, great job developing the young guys, and I think it will be very hard for anyone to come in and do a better job than he did."

Meanwhile, with the Bulls out of the playoffs, the Orlando Magic look to sweep tonight against the Atlanta Hawks.

Jeff was very critical on what the Bulls did. Stan agreed in a statement to the media.

"From midseason on, I don't think Vinny got much support from their organization," he said. "I didn't understand -- you never know the inner-workings, and so maybe there was some stuff behind the scenes -- but from a coaching perspective, Vinny did a very, very good job with that team.

"They gave up their two best wing scorers in [Ben] Gordon and [John] Salmons, and they were a great defensive team that struggled to score. I don't think that's shocking when you give up two guys like that. The front office makes the decision to make those trades [Gordon left via free agency], and then Vinny's the scapegoat for it. [It's a] hard thing to understand."

Stan Van Gundy was asked upon is Jeff Van Gundy will go into coaching again, possibly being the new head guy at Chicago.

"I don't think he will coach again next season," he said. "I think there's other priorities in his life. I'd be surprised, in fact, I'd be very, very, surprised if he were back coaching next year."

So there you have it, folks. You can number out Jeff in the equation if your favorite NBA team is in need of a head coach.

Stan was asked one more question: Who would be the best fit for the Bulls, now?

His reply?

"Yeah," he said. "Vinny Del Negro."