NBA fans saw the Finals about a week ago. Then came the NBA Draft a few days ago. Now the hype gets bigger with NBA Free Agency coming by.

Many expected that LeBron James would go on some kind of "recruiting tour" as he would travel to places like Los Angeles to meet with the Clippers, New Jersey for the Nets, and New York for the Knicks.

Well, it appears none of that is true.

It is all false.

"LeBron is not going on a tour," LeBron's business manager Maverick Carter said. "He never planned to go on a tour and has not been a part of any team's plans for a recruiting trip."

Besides that, James wants his own way. He will be visiting the teams on Thursday at 12:01 PM in the northeastern part of Ohio.

According to the sources telling's NBA writer Marc Stein, the first team to visit LeBron will be the New Jersey Nets, which includes Russian billionaire owner in Mikhail Prokhorov and minority owner and rapper Jay-Z.

ESPN New York says that the Knicks will also meet LeBron on Thursday. Doesn't seem surprising since we have already seen the promo video of New York's mayor saying "Come on LeBron!"

Also, the Knicks plan to give James an all-star class dinner for him with a five-star chef on that same day, too.

Looks like somebody is really hyped.

Right now, the teams I think that are on the radar are the Nets, Cavaliers, and Knicks. Those are the only teams, in my mind, James will seriously consider.

This is where his legacy can reign.

Can't wait to see what his decision.