Jeremy Lin was an underrated superstar in college when he played for the Harvard basketball team. Coming into the NBA, he was undrafted. He was invited by the Dallas Mavericks to play in their Summer League. From there, Lin became a stellar sensation.

Now all the hard work has paid off. According to, Lin and the Golden State Warriors are closing in on a deal. Mostly all the sources know on the contract is that it is a multi-year deal. Another thing is that he will make about $500,000 in his first year, guaranteed.

The 6’3″ guard has a lot of roots in the Bay Area, and he looks to apply that with the Warriors, who are obviously in Bay Area.

This helps the Warriors much, since they lack guards. All they have is Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. Even if C.J. Watson re-signed (and who is now on the Chicago Bulls, and happy to be one), they still wouldn’t have enough guards. So it’s a good pick-up otherwise. This also fits more well for Lin since he has been a Warriors fan for all of his life.

Golden State may never know, they could have a bargain and steal in the guard.