Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce (34) drives to the net against Miami Heat forward LeBron James in the first half of the opening night game at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on October 26, 2010.  UPI/Matthew Healey Photo via Newscom

The Boston Celtics recently beat the Miami Heat, 112-107, in the team's rematch after Boston pummeled Miami in the season-opener, triumphing towards a 88-80 win.

Paul Pierce got at the Heat, and LeBron James, again, too. Pierce scored 25 points, although James had a near triple-double.

Pierce, however, did another thing after the game. He made a tweet on his Twitter account, dissing James. It was quoted saying, "It's been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis."

James said on his decision back in July that he would like to take his talents to South Beach, meaning he would play for the Heat. Pierce obviously made fun of the saying.

Udonis Haslem responded back, telling the press the following:

"Paul who?" Haslem shot back. "Man, ain't nobody paying them dudes no attention, man. You know what studio gangster is? Look up that, look up the definition of studio gangster. I'm here to play basketball. First of all, I don't tweet. So I wouldn't know what he tweeted if you guys didn't tell me."

The Heat are on to a 5-4 start, and have been struggling as of late. Dwyane Wade isn't surprised by all of this.

"I'm not surprised at all," Wade said. "That's a part of it. We understand that. We understand that because of what happened with the players we have on this team. Of course people are smiling, and they're feeling good about our 5-4 start, as they should be. That's the case [with] Heat haters ... and that's fine. We just have to stick together as a team."

Pierce said that these two victories over Miami will mean almost nothing throughout season.

"We're going to be a different team in January; they're going to be a different team in January or February," Pierce said. "We have a two-game advantage. You never know when it might come down to the record. At the end of the year, if we have similar records, these two games are going to mean a lot then. It's good now, but both teams have a long way to go. We're still trying to get healthy, with Jermaine [O'Neal out indefinitely], Delonte [West] coming back [from suspension], and [Kendrick Perkins recovering from ACL surgery]. It's good to get these wins right now.

"A win now, over Miami, if it's going to mean anything come April ... it's knowing that, if we were in this situation, you can come down here and get a win."

Nate Robinson, who is a heavy Tweeter, said that he and many other players take a lot of satisfaction out of the wins.

"That's what impresses me about playing for this Celtics team, no guy plays for the credit," said Robinson. "The whole team plays together to win. We do have fun and guys celebrate after the game. ... We just have to keep playing Celtics basketball and worrying about ourselves."

James thinks the Heat still have some work to do to become that "elite" team.

"I think it's a reality now," said James, who scored a team-high 35 points. "Right now, we are talented enough to play against these teams, but the chemistry right now isn't up to the level of some of the better teams. That's why it's kind of difficult for us to stay on point throughout the whole game."

Pierce is known for dissing on Twitter. After going up to a 3-0 start versus the Orlando Magic in last season's Eastern Conference Finals, Pierce said this on Twitter, "Anybody got a broom?"

He hopes to get a broom ready the next time he sees the Heat again.