The MVP award is special. It shows that you were the best player for your team and the league that year. Some people won many and had a legacy, showing how great their career was and ending it like it's happily ever after. Some people win few, one, maybe none and may live on to not having a successful career, or falling short.

The talk is rising this year. Most of the candidates fall between Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade. All of them receive attention among the nation 95% of the time. But I assure you that none of them deserve the MVP award. No Wade, No Kobe, No LeBron; then who is it?

Kevin Durant. That's right. The skinny, tall small forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder. There are many reasons why, which I will explain later. Some of the reasons why this kid isn't in the MVP talks as Kobe, LeBron, etc. are is the national attention. Really, Durant receives national attention pretty much 5-15% of the time. About 85% is locally for the whole year.

Now there are many reasons Durant deserves an MVP. He deserves it largely.

1. Durant has the stats. You have 29.7 PPG, second in the league. Those 7.5 RPG and 2.8 APG also fits well with his statistics as well. To win an MVP award, you gotta have statistics.

2. Durant is leading his team towards a winning record. A reason Dwayne Wade didn't win MVP last year, in which he should've, was because of the record. LeBron had the similar stats, but a much better winning record. Durant is leading the Thunder to their first ever playoff berth. And even as the Sonics, they haven't made it to the playoffs for a while.

3. You have to make an impact on your team to win MVP. That's checked off the list, easily.

4. You have to be an unstoppable player in the league and make an impact there as well. Hasn't Durant showed that? I mean look: he had pretty much a 30-game streak of 25 PPG or more. He was close to beating Jordan, and man, just imagine what would've happened if he accomplished that. He owns every defender off the dribble and just scores hard on you. He will kill you! Durant is just unstoppable.

Another story. Durant had his shoe taken off and an opposing defender was coming towards him. A lot of you have heard the story. Yes, Durant blocks him...hard. With one shoe!!! One shoe. I just don't see that happening. And where do you get a sweeter nickname than Durantula? And what really is surprising is that he is considered a huge superstar even though he receives so little national attention.

If he did, he'll be an easy No. 1 candidate for the award.

5. Have I said enough?

So you see? Kevin Durant deserves this MVP award. What do you think? Do you think Durant should win? if not, why? Who else should win?