Duke Blue Devils’ star Jon Scheyer is currently a free agent after being undrafted in the 2010 NBA Draft. He is now looking for a team and could sign a minimum deal to play with the South Beach Superteam, or in other words, the Miami Heat.

Scheyer will add great depth to the point guard and shooting guard position and has good size for it at 6’5″ and 190 pounds. He is coming off a year with 18.2 points per game and 4.9 assists per game as the Blue Devils won the NCAA Tournament over the Butler Bulldogs that year.

The Heat need some players and Scheyer could be one of them. Scheyer will be playing for the Heat in this year’s Summer League. If the Heat do in fact sign him, he could add some great three-point shooting ability to the team. The Heat could use him to help out their super trio.

“It’s obviously a possibility, but for me I’m just trying to take it one day at a time,” Scheyer told ESPN Radio. “I think when you look at those guys and think about what they need, you look at how much attention those guys would draw, so naturally you’d think they need shooting around them.”m

Scheyer will now be playing for another team everybody hates. Everybody hated Duke and now with the Heat landing all these guys, his friends will be rooting against the Heat. What’s next, Scheyer is a Chris Rock fan?

Scheyer not being drafted was a huge disappointment and it is going to make him more determinedm and work harder to make a spot with the Heat. I think Scheyer could be the Jason Williams of the team like the Heat had during the team’s 2005 Championship run.

“It’s your life in other people’s hands, so as much as I would have loved to be low-key and relaxed [while watching the draft], of course you want to get picked,” he said. “When it got to be about the last half of the second round, I was somewhat hoping I wouldn’t get drafted because I knew there were options out there for me, Miami being one of them.”

In other news, Udonis Haslem is going to look at his options and see what teams he is going to play for. He just received a reported three-year $20M deal with the team.

“This is a tough decision for [Haslem] because this is home both from the standpoint of growing up and from the standpoint of his NBA career, the only team he has played for,” Haslem’s agent Henry Thomas said told The Miami Herald. “But he is a free agent and has interest from other teams. He is evaluating his options very seriously and hopes to have clarity early next week.”

Also, Cleveland Cavaliers’ center Zydrunas Ilgauskas told the Miami Herald that he is looking at his options. One of them is joining LeBron James in Miami. With this, he could easily be the starting center. He has only played for the Cavs in his entire career and now with no chance of them getting a title for a few years, he might as well get one now by joining Miami. Also, according to the Detroit Free Press, the Pistons now may trade Richard Hamilton. One of the targets could be no other than Miami!