Indiana Pacers' shooting guard Brandon Rush has only played a total of 38 minutes in four pre-season games so far this season. This goes big into Rush's regular season time, as he is already on a five-game suspension for that due to a usage of drugs.

"It's all on me," Rush tells The Indianapolis Star. "I put myself in this position by messing up."

"I've just got to keep showing up ready and practicing as hard as I can," Rush added. "I should be able to get back in the rotation and hopefully show the team enough for when it comes to the option."

Jim O'Brien said he already has enough players on the roster at shooting guard and small forward.

"We have three guys -- Mike Dunleavy, Danny Granger and Paul George -- who are our top three guys at the wing spots," O'Brien said. "Unless something happens, he's going to have to find a way to move above those three guys in order to get the type of playing time he got in the past."

This may mean that Rush will be the odd man out of training camp, which will trim Indy's roster down to 15. Rush is no longer needed.

It looks like Dahntay Jones and Solomon Jones won't be traded after all.