I just have this urge again to see, "Here we go again! The Cavaliers look to lose again the playoffs!"

And now, this urge may be shouted out of my mouth once again for the third straight year after the Boston Celtics blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers in a 120-88 victory in Game Five.

The Celtics also lead the series 3-2. This is what Royce Webb, an editor for ESPN, calls the "LeBacle."

Now are we going to hear the same thing over and over now? Will we be seeing the phrase again: "LeGone?" At this point of the playoffs for the number one team in the NBA, is it safe to say that the Cavaliers are doomed?

I wouldn't necessarily say so. So with my response, it's just a simple, plain "nope."

I mean, come on, seriously? Do you think the Cavaliers will fail this early after such a hell of a run they've been having? Get real. Yes, tomorrow night is elimination game. So what?

The Atlanta Hawks were trailing earlier in the first round, being shocked by the Milwaukee Bucks. After elimination night, the Hawks rolled, tying the series up 3-3 and knocking down the team in Game Seven.

So yes, there's a possibility for the Cavs. But one thing I've been saying all along when this series started between these two teams: Don't underestimate. And the Cavs probably did just that They were leading but are now failing.

Another thing: STOP RAJON RONDO!

The Cavs still have a chance. Game Six is coming up.

They better make the most of it...