For every team, there is this one person. A person who would sacrifice everything for their team. Some one who will take control. Become the leader.

Become the face of the franchise.

Boston Celtics - Paul Pierce

Pierce has been on the Celtics longer than anybody on the roster. He's been through the ups and downs and has already made himself a leader before K.G. and Ray Allen came in 2007.

Plus, Pierce has done some very memorable stuff. He was the leader for the C's in the Finals, stopping Kobe and playing hard. And don't forget what he just did a few days ago against the Heat: BOOM! GAME WINNER!

Pierce deserves this one.

Runner-Up: Kevin Garnett

Why Garnett? He's the guy that mostly pumps up the team. He speaks out the most. I was about to pick him as the face of the franchise, but after seeing what Pierce has done, I just think he deserves it in my opinion.

New Jersey Nets - Devin Harris

This guy probably might be gone by the time the Nets get John Wall. But that's a big might there. So nevermind. Hell, we don't even know if Harris is leaving or if New Jersey picks up Wall.

But nevermind that.

Harris has been the leader in every aspect. He takes control at the point guard position and puts up big numbers. I just don't know how he can't be the candidate for number one here.

Runner-Up: Brook Lopez

Lopez has been improving every year and is an All-Star caliber player. He's an important key for the Nets' future success.

New York Knicks - David Lee

Lee has been an important part of the Knicks. He puts up 20-10 seasons every year and is also an All-Star caliber player. He is the current leader of the Knicks, and I think he's been with the team the longest than any other player on the roster.

Runner-Up: Tracy McGrady

Though he has only been with them for a couple of months, he set the tone quickly at the place and was a starter right away. He even wants to lower his salary so NY can get players in the offseason. Now that's a great player in T-Mac there.

Philadelphia 76ers - Andre Iguodala

Iguodala is just phenomenal. He can score, rebound, and dunk wildly. It's just an awesome combination for him and he takes so much advantage of it. He finished this year with 17.1 PPG, 6.5 RPG, and 5.8 APG. He is a big leader to the team and can make a difference.

Runner-Up: Lou Williams

Gotta love Lou. He's a streaky, young point guard that can make changes. Although he did miss about 20 games, he still could put up numbers with 14 PPG and 4.2 APG.

Toronto Raptors - Chris Bosh

Bosh has done a lot for the Raptors. He is easily the face of the franchise for the the Toronto Raptors, no doubt. Bosh puts up a 20-10 every season, including 24 PPG and 10 RPG for this year. We don't know if he is leaving this year, we'll find out soon. But he's done a lot for the team, including a great buzzer-beater against the Charlotte Bobcats, right under the three-point line.

Runner-Up: Andrea Bargnani

A first round draft pick with Toronto, Bargnani is a pretty decent player I would see. Needs to put up some more boards but otherwise, he is pretty good. Nobody could top Bosh, though.

Chicago Bulls - Derrick Rose

Rose has led the Bulls to the playoffs for two straight seasons and is considering himself as one of the top players in the NBA already. And this is only his second season! Rose put up fabulous numbers with 27.3 PPG and 8.3 APG. He's continue to be a strong vocal and physical leader of this Chicago franchise. Bringing a bit of Air-ness back in Chi-Town.

Runner-Up: Joakim Noah

Noah has put up some nice numbers and is an important key to the team's success.

Cleveland Cavaliers - LeBron James

LeBron has been probably the best player in the NBA for the past few seasons, no doubt. He puts the Cavs on his back and always leads them to the playoffs. He also led Cleveland to the Finals all by himself in his third season in the league. He led the Cavs to 60 wins all by himself last season. He led the team in every statistic. He was just a monster. And he is a bigger monster this year. He is continuing to be the best of the best. Just unstoppable, I would stay. He will get his ring soon, don't worry.

Runner-Up: Shaquille O'Neal

He helped the Cavs big to make them No. 1 with LeBron and Co. Shaq wants another ring and is playing amazing right now in the playoffs. He may be old, but he doesn't play like it.

Detroit Pistons - Richard Hamilton

Gotta love Rip. You just gotta. He's been with the team for awhile and has brought a lot of success and good memories to the Pistons franchise. He's coming off a 18.1 PPG and 4.4 APG season. He's getting old but can still put up numbers and do all he can to make the Pistons successful. He's a definite leader.

Runner-Up: Ben Wallace

I had to put Wallace here since he has been with the team the longest and has done so much for this franchise. For his short stature, he is able to play hard and put up staggering numbers. Wallace is another big leader to Detroit.

Indiana Pacers - Danny Granger

Of course it has to be Danny Granger. He really became a leader after putting up big numbers and sacrificing everything for Indy during the 2008-09 NBA Season. Granger is continuing to do that, including punches thrown in a Suns' game to defend his team. He's a huge leader and can put up numbers. He also won the MIP Award and made the All-Star team in 2008. 2009 hurt him when he was out for a month but he'll come out strong next year.

Runner-Up: Roy Hibbert

Entering his third year soon, Hibbert has already considered himself as one of the leaders of Indiana's franchise. He would also sacrifice himself as well as put up numbers. He's going to be one of those big-named centers soon...

Milwaukee Bucks - Brandon Jennings

Already in his rookie year, Jennings has already made such a big impact to the Bucks. He also helped Milwaukee sweep Indy for the first time in like 20 years this season as well. He is in contention for Rookie of the Year. He's going to be a beneficial athlete for years to come in Milwaukee.

Runner-Up: Michael Redd

He used to be the Face of the Franchise, but Jennings has taken over. Redd is looking to return from his injury and make a difference. Bogut can also be mentioned as another runner-up.

Atlanta Hawks - Josh Smith and Joe Johnson (Tie)

I had to put a tie here. These two guys make a difference one way or another. It's either Josh that comes out on top or Joe. They're both just too good. They can dunk, score, and make the crowd pumped up and go wild. Both have many game-winning shots for this year and huge leaders for this team.

Runner-Ups: Mike Bibby and Jamal Crawford

Mike Bibby is the veteran leader of the team and is a decent point guard. I also put Jamal Crawford because of his huge plays for this year. Check them out if you haven't.

Charlotte Bobcats - Gerald Wallace

Wallace is not bad of a player is a sure leader of the Bobcats right now. He put up some nice numbers this year and made it to the All-Star team as well. He made some big plays this year, too. He's got a lot left in the tank and looks to be a great player for years to come with this squad.

Runner-Up: Stephen Jackson

Jackson isn't going to be the Face of the Franchise yet. But he's getting awfully close.

Miami Heat - Dwayne Wade

No need to explain.

Runner-Up: Jermaine O'Neal

I think O'Neal deserves the runner-up spot just because he is a veteran leader and continues to be sharp in his game.

Orlando Magic - Dwight Howard

Okay, news flash, when the Face of the Franchise is to freakin' obvious, I'll just put the runner-up to start off, okay? Make things easier, right?

Runner-Up: Vince Carter

A veteran leader and is best at the No. 2 option for Orlando. He may be on his way to his first ever ring.

Washington Wizards - Andray Blatche

Blatche has been the next best player since the Arenas incident. Might as well put him as the Face of the Franchise for right now. He is pretty decent, though, I would say.

Runner-Up: Gilbert Arenas

Givin' some love.

Denver Nuggets - Carmelo Anthony

A lot of people would put Billups as the face but I like Anthony. It's kind of like what I did for Paul Pierce. He's been on the team the longest and has been through the ups-and-downs. He's also put up the biggest numbers for the team and is leading Denver to the playoffs.

Runner-Up: Chauncey Billups

A veteran leader, very underrated. Amazing player.

Minnesota Timberwovles - Corey Brewer

I really haven't been paying attention all that much to the T-Wolves this season. So I just put Brewer here out of random. He put up some nice dunks this year and has improved I would say. He had 13 PPG, 3.4 RPG, and 2.4 APG. He's good here, I think. Actually, no, Jonny Flynn should be the face of the franchise.

Runner-Up: Kevin Love

Has done good. A lot of boards. Already coming off a 14-11 season.

Oklahoma City Thunder - Kevin Durant

Runner-Up: Russell Westbrook

Has done a lot in his two seasons with OKC and is just amazing here. Don't forget his big dunk on Odom, too. Jeff Green would also be another runner-up here.

Portland Trail Blazers - Brandon Roy

This is kinda tough but Roy's been here longer and has done a lot more. He's good here.

Runner-Up: LaMarcus Aldridge

Awesome PF. Really good.

Utah Jazz - Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams (Tie)

Boozer and Williams make an awesome combination like Smith and Johnson earlier with the Hawks. These two will be so valuable to this Jazz franchise for years to come.

Runner-Up: Mehmet Okur

Golden State Warriors - Stephen Curry

Curry is a great rookie and is also in contention for ROY. He has 17.5 PPG, 5.9 APG, and 4.5 RPG for this season and will make the Warriors a playoff team soon.

Runner-Up: Anthony Randolph

Los Angeles Clippers - Eric Gordon

Gordon is a great sophomore to the Clippers and is continuing to shine in his young NBA career. He'll be a strong leader and one of the faces of the NBA soon.

Runner-Up: Baron Davis

Gotta love his beard, too.

Los Angeles Lakers - Kobe Bryant

Runner-Ups: Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Derek Fisher (Three-Way Tie)

Now you probably might understand Gasol and Bynum, but probably not Fisher. Fisher is a veteran leader to L.A. He helped the Lakers in a game-winning play vs. the Magic in the Finals last year. Also, don't forget that 0.4 shot.

Phoenix Suns - Steve Nash

Steve Nash is what made Amare Stoudemire so good. He's what made the Suns so good. He's the fuel of this team. He deserves it.

Runner-Up: Amare Stoudemire

Sacramento Kings - Tyreke Evans

Evans is the man for this team. He's the leader ever since he stepped foot in Sacramento. So what if he's a rookie. He's my vote for ROY.

Runner-Up: Omri Casspi

Another rookie, I know, but he's pretty damn good, too.

Dallas Mavericks - Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd (Tie)

Makes a great combination. Both are leading the Mavs to the Finals. Nowitzki has always been good and adding Kidd to the team only makes them better. Both deserve the leader spot.

Runner-Up: Caron Butler and Erick Dampier

Butler is a great player and Dampier is a strong contributor to the squad.

Houston Rockets - Yao Ming

Though Ming is out for this year, he's still gonna be the face of this franchise. Houston struggled a bit this season without him.

Runner-Ups: Kevin Martin, Aaron Brooks, and Luis Scola (3-Way Tie)

Memphis Grizzlies - Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo (Tie)

Gay and Mayo make an awesome combination. No more saying.

Runner-Ups: Marc Gasol and Z-Bo (Tie)

New Orleans Hornets - Chris Paul

Though he has had injury problems this year, he has a lot left in the tank and is still considered the face of the franchise to me. I mean, wouldn't you still consider LeBron the face of the franchise if he were out for the year but return the next?

Runner-Up: Darren Collison

Such a beast.

San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan

He deserves it more than anybody.

Runner-Ups: Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and DeJuan Blair


So, you like my picks? What do you think? Who do you think should be the face of franchise? How do you think is the face of the NBA? Comment below and share your thoughts!