In the National Football League, there have been many trends. There's a trend that when an important superstar player leaves his team, that team win the Super Bowl the next year. This has happened to such folks like Plaxico Burress leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers, Edgerrin James leaving the Indianapolis Colts, Tiki Barber leaving the New York Giants, and so on. Well there is another trend, which involves a player by the name of James Posey. It seems that every time Posey joins a new team, that team will win an NBA championship. For example, take a look at the Miami Heat. When he went there, they won it all in his first season with the team. The same happened when he joined the Boston Celtics in 2007. Posey was a game-changer, and a leader. The 6'8" small forward would always come up in the playoffs, hitting key shots for his team. I just wonder if he could do the same and do his magic with the Indiana Pacers. Posey won't be seeing starter-quality minutes, but it will be enough to help Indiana. Although his magic hasn't always worked with new teams (example: New Orleans Hornets, Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, and Memphis Grizzlies), but it could work with the Pacers. And mostly, it happens to teams who have made some big moves lately. And that is just like what the Pacers did, getting Lance Stephenson, Paul George, and Darren Collison. And oh yeah, they got Posey! Posey is just great at making long, tough shots like long-twos and three-pointers. He can also play some solid defense. He can do so well that he is able to man-up and guard power forward. Posey is going to be a big difference for Indiana. I am really looking forward to his stuff. Hope to see a great season from you.