Darren Collison was receiving a lot of trade interest after a great year for the New Orleans Hornets. After Chris Paul went down, Collison filled in and delivered for the Hornets. However, with the 2010-11 season rolling by in October, the Hornets had to do something for both point guards. It would be awkward having both of them in the backcourt since they're both too well-suited for the point guard role. One of these players had to get traded.

Collison was the one, as he ended up with the rebuilding Indiana Pacers.The Pacers found what they were looking for: a young, starting point guard. And it came to a huge surprise to me. When I heard the Pacers gave up someone for him and James Posey (who will be written about in a later article in our Pacers' player profiles), I really thought it would be Danny Granger. I mean, look at it. Granger's hometown is New Orleans and rumors said Indy almost traded him to the New Jersey Nets for a point guard, which was Devin Harris. Although I didn't believe that rumor, and was very against it, it was out there.

But luckily, Indy gets to have a young, shining point guard, an experienced team leader, and along with that, they get to keep their star player intact, Danny Granger. Collison is really going to help out no matter what happens.

He will at least start 28-30 minutes or something like that. Maybe even more. He will average a lot of assists, no doubt about that, with offensive scorers like Granger and Roy Hibbert. Along with that, there is Tyler Hansbrough, who is viewed as a sleeper this year by many fantasy basketball experts, as he will be starting at power forward after Troy Murphy left. There is also Dahntay Jones, who is often viewed as a defensive-type player, but happened to be an offensive-driven force last year.

Collison will have his points, and could be near a double-double, or actually get it, by the time the season comes to an end. My current prediction is a 43-39 record and finishing at the seventh seed. Collison really helps with that prediction. An All-Star season is in mind and with him, Granger, and Hibbert; the Pacers can be a dynasty.

Collison is easily the missing piece to the puzzle for the Indiana Pacers.