Ah, I remember the time when the Indiana Pacers first signed former Denver Nuggets' small forward/shooting guard, Dahntay Jones. I expected Jones to be just a defensive stopper and help the Indiana Pacers just strictly on defense. But it was a different year for Jones in his debut season as an Indiana Pacer. He would finish out the year with 10.2 points and two assists per game.

Jones will most likely start out at shooting guard this year with the Pacers. Jones has quickly become one of the fan-favorites in Indy with his great, powerful dunks, his awing plays on defense, and has continuing rise in the offensive game. In his first few games with the Pacers, Jones was averaging over 20 points per game. Last season was easily one of his best offensive performances.

Jones has an advantage over many shooting guard with his 6'6" 210-pound frame. Jones can slash and has quickness to be dominant at some points in a game. Although his dunks may seem amusing, he needs to watch out on committing turnovers and missing shots. He was 12.5% shooting from the three-point line, which is absolutely terrible.

Jones will need to work on his outside shot a bit more. It's a reason why many leave him wide open when he is from behind-the-arc. If players think that same thing and Jones is improving on his shot, the Pacers can get an easy three points every time. This will also take pressure off some other guys like Danny Granger, who would be double-teamed when Jones is left open. That way, Granger gets the ball and passes it back to Jones who hits an easy wide-open three or a shot right under the three-point line.

Jones is improving his offensive game which was considered very weak at the start of the 2009-10 NBA season. He will prove people wrong and can be that all-around player. Get ready for a new Dahntay Jones.

Because he is the difference.