At 7-62, you really can't hope for anything but the draft and free agency for the Nets this coming offseason. Throughout the game, Nets fan have already started these chants like "Get John Wall!" and that fantasy may turn out to be a reality. Oh, easily a reality. New Jersey are the easy favorites for the lottery at the No. 1 pick.

It's not going to be hard of who they will choose. Come on: it's John Wall! Wall is the guy, and New Jersey knows it. But, that brings a question. Currently on their roster, the Nets already have a pretty decent point guard in Devin Harris. He and Brook Lopez have been the leaders of the team and Harris has been for a while. So what is to do with him?

Should New Jersey get rid of him if they receive Wall? Maybe so. But in my opinion, it's going to have to be a straight-up "No" if I were the Nets' GM. Don't get rid of him. Here's what you should do, though: Start Wall at PG, Harris at SG, Terrence Williams or Chris Douglas-Roberts at SF, Yi Jianlian at PF, and Lopez at C. It could be perfect. Plus, Douglas-Roberts or Williams can serve as a good backup. Courtney Lee as well and Kris Humphries.

If the Nets were to get rid of Harris, they would have Wall at PG, Douglas-Roberts at SG, Williams at SF...and the PF and C are no-brainers. But in my opinion, I will have to keep Harris.

Another idea could be Harris and Wall switching off at PG in the rotation. But that might not fit, would it? What do you guys think?