29 points, 18 rebounds, 13 assists, and two steals. Adding to that, this guy led his team to a win over the best team in the NBA.

He's 6'1", 171 pounds, and extremely underrated. He's a point guard, too.

He's part of a very valuable list with Hall-of-Famers after a few years in the National Basketball Association:

Most triple-doubles in first
50 playoff games

Player Triple-Doubles
Magic Johnson 13
Oscar Robertson 8
Jason Kidd 6
Rajon Rondo 4


For No. Nine of the Boston Celtics, I present you Rajon Rondo.

After probably one of the best performances in his team's franchise history, and probably in the league, Rajon Rondo displayed greatness in a 97-87 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, to get the Celtics back in the series 2-2.

With this performance, Rajon Rondo should now be seen as one of the Top Five point guards in the NBA, hands down. You can't get a better player than him.

He's worked so hard to get himself to this status. This game marks what is going to happen in a few years: Rajon Rondo will in fact be a No. One point guard in the NBA.

When do you ever see a point guard with that size put up about 30 points, 20 rebounds, and 15 assists? I've never seen anything like it.

Who else could be in front of him? Sure, you could put Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, or Jason Kidd ahead of him. But that's for right now.

Williams shouldn't be considered number one: He doesn't have a ring. Rose is too young and I think Rondo has proved he's better. Jason Kidd's time will be gone soon enough.

Chris Paul would be in Top Three, but probably won't be better than Rondo until he gets a ring as well. Steve Nash's time will go and same for Chauncey Billups. Russell Westbrook, young; Tony Parker and Jameer Nelson, come on.

Rajon Rondo is still young, energetic, and has a ring. And he looks to accomplish that feat again, maybe this year. No doubt, Rondo should be considered as one of the best point guards in the game right now.

But in the future, he should be considered number one sometime. Hands down, Rajon Rondo...NUMBER ONE!