The NBA Central division looks pretty mixed up as of right now. There are currently three teams tied for first place within the division, which are the Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many would label the Bulls as early favorites, but so far as the first week ended, the Pacers ended up with the division lead.

However, Indiana quickly lost it's control after two straight losses. One was from the Philadelphia 76ers and other was from a division opponent, the Milwaukee Bucks. The three teams in the lead currently hold a 2-3 record. The Bucks are not far behind, holding on to a 2-4 record. Then there are the Detroit Pistons, in last place at a 1-5 record.

Each team holds a big surprise so far. The Pacers looked like they would finish somewhere in last place in the division, but so far, they seem like the leader of the pack led by the help of Roy Hibbert, Danny Granger, and new-acquisition Darren Collison.

The Bulls are rather much of a disappointment as they should be in the neighborhood of a 3-2 or 4-1 record right now, even if Carlos Boozer isn't even here. However, they are struggling. Milwaukee is also a disappointment, as they should have a 3-2-type record as well.

The Pistons so far haven't been good at all for the past few seasons. Now they are much worse at 1-5. To me, they have no chance of making the playoffs. You might as well excuse Detroit from becoming at the top of the division. Same goes for the Cavaliers, despite they remain in first place so far. But they have had some lucky wins, and with LeBron James gone, just excuse them.

The division race will be between the Bucks, Bulls, and Pacers. And so far, it's hard to choose who will make the playoffs or not. In my NBA season preview, I decided to choose that these three teams will all make the playoffs. I still think they can. However, who will be on top of the Central division? It's really hard to choose as all three teams always exchange wins and losses with each other.

I wouldn't be surprised if the winner of the Central Division doesn't even crack 50 wins. That's how close this race is.

But we know one thing for sure.

The Central division can go anyone's way.