Toughness. Physicality. Brutal. Pain. Shock. Surprise.

All of these words have pretty much explained how the Eastern Semifinals bout is going between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. The Cavs had the first game easy, but when the LeBron James' elbow incident hit, things started to change.

The Celtics took away Game Two and showed what they are really worth. Now remember, LeBron is still injured and it could damage the Cavs' season right here, right now. It's now or never for this team.

Both teams have been playing tough. Rondo is giving us a real taste of how he rolls. The Big Three are now savoring every minute possible for this year's playoffs. The Big Three will be fading away in the next couple of years, and yes, they are so making the most of it.

They had a good run but they aren't stopping. And on their journey in 2010, they are proving another thing: They aren't old. Sure, they are all entering into their mid- to late-30's, but who cares? They still have the energy to go.

But what does this series mean? It means a lot of for the whole Eastern Conference. If the Cavaliers come out on top, they could get by this Magic team, but it'll be tougher to get by them, and it could be decided in seven games. It will have to be decided in seven games, no less.

As for the Celtics, it's a different story. If they top the best team in the league, they have the momentum to freak this Magic team, maybe. Both teams have important players, veterans, and coaches. It can be way better than last year's Cleveland-Orlando showdown in the Conference Finals.

Paul Pierce and Vince Carter: How great is that? We can even see some action from Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard, maybe.

The Cavs and Celtics are, so far, playing harder than any other team right now in the Eastern Conference, maybe even the whole playoffs! Tonight will be another showdown. Who comes out on top?

Guess we'll have to find out.