Tyler Hansbrough was already considered a bust, just from his rookie season. Entering his sophomore season, Hansbrough has big duties and huge shoes to fill. Hansbrough has gone from being a backup power-forward, to a hoping-breakout player and starting power forward.

I'd rather take Hansbrough starting at power forward along with having James Posey and Darren Collison then just having plain old Troy Murphy, who is now with the New Jersey Nets. Speaking of Murphy, he could be traded again with the Carmelo Anthony rumors of him going to the Nets in a four-team trade. Murphy could be shipped off again.

But back to Hasnbrough. He will have to play hard and strong. He will have a lot of minutes and will have to produce. He can't try getting rebound, he will have to get a rebound. He can't try making a point, because he will make a point. Hansbrough will have to live up to the expectations this year.

And with if he applies what he did in college to the pros, he can really be a monster. He will be the difference in many games, and will definitely help determine if the Pacers can make the playoffs for the upcoming season. Hansbrough can not have any excuses.

Hansbrough will need to work more on his rebounding skills, though. He was a bit of a disappointment in college for his rebounding skills. But he is a great defensive player and an awesome defender at the four-spot. What will really help, too, is Darren Collison. Hansbrough excels in the pick-and-roll, and Collison can be a huge asset to let Hansbrough get his production up. Adding to this, Hansbrough is the guy the Pacers can count on for this shots that are between ten and 15 feet. Hansbrough can knock those jumpers down easily.

It's time for Hansbrough to step it up this season.

He needs to prove himself.