Indiana Pacers' center Roy Hibbert has had some solid seasons so far and last year turned out be his best, averaging about double-digits in points and rebounds. Of course, the 7'3" center will be dynamic in the rebounding side of the ball, but what people don't know is that he can be a valuable offensive force, too.

Hibbert was seen practicing with legendary center, Bill Walton, and this could vastly improve his game and make him look much different and much better than he was in his previous seasons playing in the National Basketball Association. And with Indy finally adding a dynamic point guard, Hibbert will have a lot of help to become the offensive force.

As for rebounding, Hibbert will probably do a lot more work for this year. With Troy Murphy already shipped off to the New Jersey Nets, the Pacers are pretty weak at the power forward position. Tyler Hansbrough is still a question-mark, and Indy can't go on with those other guys: Solomon Jones, Josh McRoberts, Magnum Rolle, etc.

And the Pacers certainly cannot put Granger at power forward, although I can see him playing a bit of that this year. Right now, Indy's main goal is trying not to let Granger play at the four. Most likely, Indy will start Hansbrough. With this, Hibbert could be seeing a lot more boards. He could be like Dwight Howard, who gets mainly all the boards for his team.

Hibbert needs to watch himself. Fouling is still a big issue that is part of him, and he is going to need to watch out for that. But I guess the fouling trouble will decline this season as he has been practicing all off-season with Walton. Hibbert is an important part to the Pacers, and I see him having a prime year.

I bet we are entering the prime years of Hibbert. If not, they are coming. Hibbert is in for a real strong season, in my opinion.