The Indiana Pacers played a miserable game versus the Chicago Bulls in their final pre-season game, getting trampled with a 102-74 loss. And with the loss, along with a regular season game coming against the San Antonio Spurs in about a week, is there a cause for concern with the Pacers? I am concerned with them.

They have brought all this talent, and all they lost was Troy Murphy and Earl Watson, which won't make much of an impact when you see the new acquisitions brought in. However, seeing that game, I just keep thinking Indy is in for another bad year. How is it possible. The worst Indiana can do is get the ninth or tenth seed to me.

There can't be any excuses for this season. None. With a healthy Danny Granger, a more revolutionized Roy Hibbert, the new acquisitions like Darren Collison and Paul George, and the new set of power forwards; how can Indy fail? The Central Division has gotten a lot weaker. Basically, the only teams I see passing Indiana in the division are the Chicago Bulls and the Milwaukee Bucks. There is no excuse for the Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers getting past.

I have Indy finishing second in the division. With a game coming up against the Spurs, I wouldn't be surprised with a win or loss. This could easily go both ways. With the squad Indiana had last year, they came within one point of beating the Spurs. Who knows what they can do season?

Many have been criticizing Indiana due to that they think the power forward spot is weak. I don't see any weaknesses. People just think Tyler Hansbrough will fail this season due to what happened last year. Come on, the guy has a running motor and has one of the best mentalities in the game. He is easily the most dedicated player on the roster. And remember, if you think, you stink!

I really do not want to see the Pacers ending up like last season. 42 wins is my guess for Indiana. They just have to make the playoffs this season. If they do make it and actually try really hard, I see it. It's possible. Definitely possible. Along with that, this is Jim O'Brien's last chance to prove himself. If he doesn't lead Indiana to the playoffs this year, he's fired. He's done.

So you better bet the Pacers are going to go all-out every game. I see a good season for Indiana. So the Bulls game doesn't give me a huge concern now, anymore. Pre-season is pre-season. Now it's time for the real deal.

I'm pretty sure the Pacers can give the Spurs the real deal.