January 27, 2010 Milwaukee, WI. Bradley Center.. Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson makes a fast break for the hoop..Milwaukee Bucks won over the Philadelphia 76ers 91-88. Mike McGinnis/CSM.

It is official, point guard Allen Iverson is heading to Turkey. The eleven-time NBA all-star signed to a two-year deal worth $4 million with the Turkish pro basketball team, the Besiktas. Yahoo! Sports first reported this.

Iverson is expected to report to the team by next week or so.

The contract allows Iverson to opt out of his first year, but it didn't show anything about an escape-clause to the NBA, however.

Besiktas' board member, Seref Yalcin, may travel to the United States to discuss to Iverson what situation he is in and help with the deal that is in place with the team.

He will discuss a long range of details with Iverson. This also means about moving to Turkey along with his family. Yalcin said that he will also talk about schools for Iverson's children in Istanbul.

"I think this transfer will take place," Yalcin said.

It's sad to see that no NBA team had took interest in him. It actually completely surprises me, somewhat. But I wish him all the best with the Besiktas.

New Jersey Nets Help Out

The New Jersey Nets have donated an amount of $75,000 to the Eric LeGrand fund, according to the Associated Press. LeGrand was a Rutgers' lineman who got injured during a game, later pronounced paralyzed.

"We just wanted to find a way to show our support," point guard Devin Harris said. "The athletic community is a very tight-knit group, and what happened to Eric is something that affects all athletes at every level. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family."

Heat Trim Roster to 15

The Miami Heat have reportedly trimmed their roster down to the maximum limit of 15 players. They cut two players, which were Da'Sean Butler and Patrick Beverley.

Butler, who was estimated become a top-ten draft-pick before his injury, was a second round pick. He torn his ACL in a game with West Virginia. He averaged 6.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, and three assists in six pre-season games with the Heat.

I really wouldn't be surprised at all if any of these two get called up by any of the NBA teams this season. I can see the San Antonio Spurs taking a shot at one of these players, due to that they have 14 players on the roster so far. They could add one more, possibly getting a steal.

Personally, I thought Butler would at least stay. I rather have Joel Anthony getting cut. Butler staying and Anthony getting cut would have been a lot better. As I heard from a bunch of other Heat fans, they wanted the same thing. Many aren't a fan of the big man.

NBA Rumors and Quick News

  • According to the New York Post, Wilson Chandler could get an extension with the New York Knicks.
  • Carlos Arroyo will start at point guard for the Miami Heat in the team's first regular season, which will be against the Boston Celtics.
  • Stephen Curry will be available for the Golden State Warriors' season opener.
  • Fran Vasquez, the Orlando Magic's 2005 draft pick, could finally sign with the team for the 2011-12 season.
  • Chris Paul will wear a knee brace for the New Orleans Hornets' season opener.
  • Keith Bogans could start over Ronnie Brewer with the Chicago Bulls.
  • Tracy McGrady has been impressing lately with the Detroit Pistons, according to the Detroit Free Press.
  • Antwan Jamison is to start for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • The New York Knicks waived Patrick Ewing Jr., who is the son of the Knicks' legend. Sad to see that happen. Really wanted him to make it.