The NBA Draft is coming closer and closer. It's a great draft class, no doubt.

There's some great guards coming in, people with hype, and a lot of athletic big men.

Many teams are looking for the talent, and as for others: looking for the needs. The Wizards are looking for both, and have found it in John Wall.

A lot of people are familiar with John Hollinger's Player Efficiency Rating system, otherwise known as PER. A lot of NBA players had great ones before becoming pro basketball players like Danny Granger and Kevin Durant.

This year's is different. He the best pro potential, according to the statistics, more than anybody in this draft class.

You might be familiar with him. He's a freshman. He's from Kentucky. Don't get yourself hyped up. It's not who you think it is.

DeMarcus Cousins.

I know, right? It just seems weird, but he has one of the best PER's since 2002. And surprisingly, Evan Turner ranks number two and John Wall falls to number three.

So here's the list of the Top Twelve from Hollinger:

Rank Player Team Projected PER
1 DeMarcus Cousins Kentucky 16.14
2. Evan Turner Ohio State 14.79
3. John Wall Kentucky 14.68
4. Greg Monroe Georgetown 14.39
5. Derrick Favors Georgia Tech 13.98
6. Xavier Henry Kansas 13.52
7. Luke Babbitt Nevada 13.35
8. Al-Farouq Aminu Wake Forest 13.30
9. Wes Johnson Syracuse 13.03
10. Greivis Vasquez Maryland 12.97
11. Sylven Landesberg Virginia 12.52
12. Omar Samhan Saint Mary's 12.47

And surprisingly, with all the hype going over Ekpe Udoh, Patrick Patterson, and Ed Davis, they are all ranked low.

Ekpe Udoh is at 50 in the draft class, Patrick Patterson is 37, and Ed Davis is 54. Wow, simply, just wow.

We'll see how the draft how these players' careers progress and how they go. Right now, this is just a little taste of what's to come.